Welcome to the Portland Friends of the “New Esperanto”!

Join Us at our upcoming BBQ and Potluck! (Saturday August 19th)

Want to know more?

Esperanto, which many Americans still think has “died out,” has now, on the contrary, soared to being among the top 30 languages of Wikipedia! Its 2 to 3 million users worldwide, many of them young adults, now put Esperanto among the top 300 to 400 most numerously spoken languages on Earth (out of a total of over 7100 languages).

Esperanto holds the key to introducing yourself and your children to a global cultural “space” of building community and universal respect, of peaceful consultation, of global standards of justice and human rights, and of progressive nonviolent action for comprehensive democracy and a sustainable ecological future.

The Esperanto community needs and seeks your participation and your active service in the great 21st century causes of justice and Earth/human balance that will determine the future.

Top learning sites for Esperanto include Duolingo.com, Lernu.net, Edukado.net, and UEA.org. Check out hundreds of items on YouTube and other social media.